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Conditioning and strength plus endurance.

The bold, new way to train, Zenith is designed for strong and healthy hands in the 21st century.

Its super smooth ride makes it hard to put down--you'll love it at first squeeze:

  • warm-ups, cool-downs, prehab, rehab, conditioning and strength
  • silky-smooth handles and a no-bump ride
  • proprietary GR8-R springs, designed for low-gear, moderate-to-high rep training
  • precision manufacturing for superb build quality, and world-class performance, feel, and appearance
  • made in the USA
  • no-surprise geometry on all dimensions

Choosing a Zenith gripper: use Zenith by itself or along with a CoC or IMTUG gripper, depending on your goals:

  • Strength and conditioning : use the same Zenith model you are using for your work sets with a Captains of Crush gripper as a starting point--so if you are doing your work sets with a CoC No. 1, try a Zenith 1, and then go up or down, depending on your preference
  • Fitness : select a Zenith one step down for conditioning and active rest, warm-ups and cool-downs, prehab and rehab work


Made in the USA.

Agility: light action for every hand. Less resistance than a CoC Guide, for hands that hurt or for a warm-up that is as easy as using an empty bar, even if you can snatch 200 kg. This friendly light-action Zenith gripper is designed for everyone who wants to take his or her hands for the equivalent of a daily walk: regular use will keep your hands strong, agile and limber, and the silky-smooth handles feel good even on tender skin.

Zenith Agility is especially helpful for:

  • seniors, both men and women
  • those with chronic hand pain
  • prehab and rehab
  • youth in formative years
  • those with a very weak grip
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