Xtreme Off season Bench press

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Xtreme Off season Bench press

We are in the middle of opening our site at The Finnish online shop is already there but soon it will be in English too.

One of our opening specials will the 12 week off season crash course.

We have it in two different versions, one for the raw and one for the shirted benchers. Still, both are unorthodox offering a different perspective for the off season training and conditioning for the big bench.

If you do the same training you get the same results. Therefore, your bench will be hit in many angles simultaneously. There´s stuff most lifters would never think doing for their raw training and stuff many geared think is not necessary for them.

The routine includes three 4-week cycles. Each one will be updated based on your feedback before it´s started. This way we make it individual too which is necessary for successful execution. We entitled this Xtreme but it is doable. We have you benching twice a week coupled with some recovery work.

These are for lifters that already have trained at least a minimum of year or two. Trained, not worked out or just hanged out in gym with lifters. We do this seriously and expect the same from you.

This works easy. You can ask through Facebook or by email. You can post videos at Facebook or YouTube, either private or public. We get back with comments and instructions. 

The routine kicks off Monday may 15th and we´re done in the end of july. This is a big job for us and the spots are limited. To enter this course you just buy it at our online shop. The price is ridiculous, only 59 euros and it includes everything from start interview to monthly updates. It is an one-time offer we will not renew so reserve your spot now.

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