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Westside Barbell Workshops are a 1-day workshops with a special subject. They´re for all athletes and you can choose from several themes for the day.

These hands-on days will cover every subject from basics to variations and finer points.

The 2017 Workshops are selling now. Contact us if you want to have one in your gym. Pick subject, talk to your team mates and trainers and contact customers. We will make it happen with a reasonable cost. Subjects can be:

Squat - technique, special squats, front squat, harness squats, special bars, variations, key muscle groups ...

Overhead lifting - did you know that overhead lifting is as important for upper body strength as it is fr lower body ? Push press, jerk behind the neck, the upright position and motoric control, mid section strength and stability ...

Bench press - form, variations, RAW vs gear, assistance, key muscle groups, injury prevention, speed ...

Deadlift - Pulling as general with various techniques, power clean, snatch pull ...  Hit your hamstrings with special pulls !

GPP / SPP and Endurance - What are they ? What to do and when, how much and how long ...

Strongman training - strongman events as general tool for trainig to any sport, spesializing for strongman/woman ...

Explosive strength and plyometrics - strength training techniques are a a tool for better speed and jumping ability

Programming - perform faster, stronger and longer around the year and year after year. Fail to plan is plan to fail. What, when and how ...

Recovery and flexibility - sport spesific style, what ypou need and what you don´t, programming, the flexibility and recovery in routine

" Sakari is the only one here or abroad that I would ever consider doing this with. I have high regard for his knowledge and how he presents it" - Louie Simmons






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25.11.2016 - Kape

Olen käynyt yhden workshopin ja yhden Saken seminaarin. Minulla on 3 eri koulutusta painonnostosta, voimanostosta ja CF parista ja lisäksi PT koulutus.
Varsinkin vkl seminaari toi sellaisen tietopaketin että huh huh... Luulin tetäväni kaiken mutta en tiennytkään kovin paljoa loppujen lopuksi. Tekniikan ohjaus, neuvot ja opastus oli hyvää tasoa. Varsinkin kun seminaarissakin äijä veti setin yksin yli 20 hengelle.