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Everything you've ever known about bench shirts will change with The Fury by Titan.

Up to now all shirts were reverse engineered off of the same conventional pattern, variations of a common theme.

The Fury goes in a completely unique direction. 90 degree sleeve angle. Other shirts use a 45-70 degree sleeve angle. The Fury sleeve angle guarantees more energy storage and bigger benches.

With the Titan Fury powerlifters will begin to store energy as soon as they crack their elbows! Hemispherical Sleeve Base Design distributes stress evenly around the sleeve base. Other shirt designs use conventional designs that result in peaked stress points!

Stretch Back allows for Lat expansion and better arching. Other shirts use heavy restrictive fabrics that constrict lats and restrict arching. NXG+ Fabric. Other shirts use 1980's technology.

NXG fabrics are the most supportive, strongest fabrics in the lifting world. It is virtually tear proof and run proof! Unmatched, unsurpassed! 12 months blowout + 18 months "Run" guarantee (a major cause of blowouts).

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