SportKraft Super Bench bar

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Stronger and stiffer bar for heavy benches. Tested up to 500 kilos and used by Dave Hoff. The bar has longer sleeves making spotters work easier. 

Fully knurled design offers a good grip whatever wide you bench. Three rings, one in the middle and on 81cm spots. This bar is a little stiffer, approx 0.5mm compared to regular Power bars on the market.

A looser bar with weights over 350 and 400 kilos start to bend and compare lifts with 1" cambered bar. This makes it harder to touch chest with a shirt.

Tested with loads over 500 kilos.

Look at the video !

This bar is also an exellent squat bar, specially for women and smaller lifters. Stays on back and don´t bend too much.

100% Made in Finland and comes with a 2 year warranty. 

  • 189 000 PSI
  • 238cm long, 30mm thick
  • longer sleeves = more space for plates and spotters
  • 132cm between sleeves
  • 23kg without collars
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