Prone row

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Rowing machine with adjustable angle.

We got in stock with a free row bar on top !

This is a sport spesific solution for benchers. IN our prone row you´re in a position where all the low back stress is taken away. You´re lying face down with your feet supported. This machine has many benefits:

Adjustable angle. You can adjuts the angle anywhere from 40 degree upright to 40 degree down. 

Adjustable foot support. You can adjust the distance ofthe foot supports. No matter how tall, or short you are you can use this machine.

Adjustable bar height.  You can adjust the height of  the J-hooks same way as in the power rack.

Band pins.  Comes with four pins for the bands. There´s five spaces for band pins each side. You can adjust the resistance and accommodate resistance as you wish.

  • adjustable at 40 degrees above and below parellel
  • pad is less than 25cm wide
  • 10 year warranty with no weight limits
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