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Offset deadlift

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Offset deadlift

The rack that totally eliminates leverages from deadlift. Designed by powerlifting legend Chuck Vogelpohl.


Other side has one upright 40cm from body and the other starts from 40cm and comes in line at 100cm height.The bar travels in plastic surfice and goes smooth without taking the knurling.

Fits both for max effort and dynamic work and does worders in long sets. Simulates lifting at many sports where the leverages are not so good like in barbell sports. Gurarenteed towork in strongman and combat sports.

Caution ! This machine can be dangerous for beginners and requires flexibility in torso and posterior chain area.

We invest on quality. This equipment comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and welding with no weight limits.

Ask on stock situation, we may be able to ship faster.  The usual delivery time on equipment is 5-8 weeks.


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13.08.2015 -

Offset todella loisatava kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan.
-Tatu Karhu