Now available, Sakari`s personal training services and seminars. Backed up with over 30 years experience in international level and 40 years under the bar.

Coaching experience in world level powerlifters, strongman and -women, hockey, rugby, american football and combat sports. Check out some customer comments in the front page.

Seeing is believing. We got good variety of books and DVD`s. From training to profiles and competition documents.

" I got experience in strength training in many sports. If you need an outline for strength in your own sports or just wish to improve your bench, feel free to contact me." - Sakari

Below you can find some of our services. If any of these don´t match, we`ll make a custom to fit your needs. The process is simple. You don´t have to buy anything before we tell you what you should do, how to change your training. Why and how.

If this sounds good, we make a deal and put it on paper. The analysis is free.

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