SS Power Inc started originally in 1998. Since then, we have imported all kinds of items that relate to strength training. From books to heavy duty machines and bars. At the moment we carry over thousand items with the seminars and training consultations being the last ones.

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Sakari Selkäinaho

Competed 37 years in National Championship level and 30 years in international level with nine World medals ( 3 x IPF, 3 x WPC, 3 x WABDL ).

His best meet results are done at age of 50 and the total are best equipped lifts at this age gropup and weight class. Squat 354, bench 225 and deadlift 270. Total 820.

He has written five books in Finnish and over 200 articles. He has also edited Louie Simmons first three books.

” I have tried every training system and methods I have got my hands on. From Bulgarian and Russian trainin methods to western periodization. I found the Westside system in 1995 and soon found out it was the best system I could ever discover.”

We have a great network with our customers and many coaches including program design, product developement, prehab and rehab or any other  area related in strength training.

Along with over 30 years of experience in customer service we are confident that we can serve in all your strength training needs.

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