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For more precise muscle tightness release

We all know that pain is a signal of something being wrong. That includes muscle pain and soreness and aching joints when we move.

Unfortunately most of us react to that signal in the worse way possible. Instead of finding out what is wrong and fixing it, we wait and hope that it magically goes away. Well, it does not.

Your body should be functional and free of pain, free of limits.

What if we told you that the most common cause of these disabling aches and pains are stiff, tight muscles and myofascial dysfunctions and that there was an effective way to treat them at home by yourself? We invented HighBaller to do just that by:

  • opening tight muscles and adnate tissues
  • improving mobility and flexibility to allow correct joint and postural alignment
  • boosting metabolism in muscles and reducing edema
  • improving movement economy
  • preventing injuries and relieving pain

HighBaller is the only twin-ball massager with width adjustable, angled massage balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) and to loosen up stiff, tight muscles. The adjustable width and angled balls allow HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way no other self-massage tool is able to.

HighBaller has an immediate pain relieving effect by quieting down pain receptors and in the long term, it will help you release your stiff, tight muscles to make your everyday life enjoyable again. 

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