Eleiko XF Bar,NxG

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2 needle and 4 bushing bearings. 215,000 PSI Swedish steel. The perfect knurling for fitness athletes.
If you love intense high-rep lifting, then this is the bar for you.

• Dual markings and comfortable grip ready for anything
• Fantastic durability and bar feel with 215,000 PSI Swedish steel
• Combination bearings for a true multi-purpose bar

Because fitness athletes deserve a bar just for them.
The Eleiko XF Bar is made with our famous Swedish steel, so you can expect a “whip” identical to a specialized weightlifting bar but with softer knurling ready for high-rep use. (“Whip” is that noticeable boost you get as the bar stores elastic energy.)
Because you can love both Olympic lifting and powerlifting.
Dual markings let you perform Olympic and powerlifts with the same bar, while a combination of rotating and fixed bearings give you great spin for the fast Olympic movements - without compromising performance in heavy powerlifts.

Because tough people need tough bars.
It takes a lot for your bar to survive our quality assessment protocol.

An Eleiko XF Bar has had to survive the exact same tests as our specialized bars. This includes ultrasound and magnetic particle inspection of the steel, hydraulic jacks, and manual check-ups to ensure grip and sleeve construction are perfect.

Every XF bar has a unique identifier. Every component and detail about its assembly can be tracked.

Warranty terms and conditions
To be dropped on protected floor, recommended Eleiko Platform. Not to be stored loaded on a rack. Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.
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