Eleiko barbells have been "Number One" in the professional weightlifting world since the 60's. Barbells that are perfectly balanced in synchronised rotation and the solid but not overly rough grip has created the concept of THE ELEIKO FEELING worldwide.

Meet the bar that has set 1,000+ world records. IWF certified. Lifetime warranty.

• 10 precision bearings engineered for Olympic level performance

• 215,000 PSI Swedish steel

• The perfect grip for weightlifting competition

A Bar for Olympic Level Weightlifting

10 precision bearings, sharp grip adjusted for weightlifting competition, and unique Swedish steel that stores elastic energy work together to create the unique “Eleiko feeling” – a difference that must be experienced.

215,000 PSI Swedish Steel

Made with one of the world’s purest steels, Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar is naturally elastic yet ferociously strong. It would take 215,000 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) to break it apart. Standard bars have a tensile rating of 130-140,000 PSI.

At Eleiko, we use a proprietary steel treatment to make your bar even stronger and more flexible , so it can snap back to perfect form every time. The Eleiko Chrome coating is similarly elastic to ensure a long and beautiful life for your bar.

Lifetime Warranty

Your bar has had to fight through ultrasound tests, magnetic particle inspection, hydraulic jacks, and seven manual assessments. We then gave it a unique identifier so every detail about its assembly can be tracked.

Eleiko WL Competition Bars are IWF certified, calibrated down to the milligram and millimeter, and discarded if we find the smallest blemish. They come with a lifetime warranty covering any manufacture flaw.

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