Car deadlift

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A heavy duty car deadlift with various options.

This car deadlift has many varations.

Adjustable weight. The device weighs under 200kg empty and gives pulling weight from 80kg to 100 kilos depending on length. You can vary the length of the body in 3 options, every 20cm. When you reverse a van to this, the pulling weight raises from 240 to 300 kilos, depending on body length. This car deadlift has also plate pins so you go to a max single with every 2.5 kilos ...

Different grip options. You can use either straight bar or a hex/suitcase grip. Both are easy to attach with just one move.

Adjustable height. The straight bar has 3 options for pulling height from 45-35-25cm, from the tradional World´s Strongest Man height to regular height when using bar and plates. The hex grip can be adjusted to 30 and 40cm heights.

Easy to move and assemble. Our car deadlift breaks in 3 parts and can be transported in a trailer or van. Every part is light enough to be moved by single person.

We top this with a 10 year warranty on frame.

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