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Atlas stones

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Atlas stones

Great balls of ... concrete ! These work for all training whether you´re a strongman or -woman, crossfit athlete, MMA fighter or in any other sport.

These stones can be used for many purposes, try for example:
  • rep work over bar or to a platform
  • max effort
  • carry them
  • lift overhead
These stones are done by concrete pros and based on preorders so send your order in now. Our stones come in many weights:
  • 30kg, dia 30cm
  • 40kg, dia 32.5cm
  • 50kg, dia 35cm
  • 65kg, dia 37.5cm
  • 80kg, dia 40cm
  • 100kg, dia 42.5cm
  • 120kg, dia 45cm
  • 150kg, dia 50cm
  • 180kg, dia 50cm - or 55cm

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